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  • Outdoor ad shows curled up receipt and the text "Bye bye, receipts"

    Bye bye, receipts

    Bound to disrupt the way we think and treat our belongings, Newcycle is establishing a new form of respect and longevity to your things.

  • Person in super hero costume with Spoton logo on chest


    Creating the ground-breaking service SpotOn, easy and safe booking of electrical services, in smooth collaboration with Elektroimportøren and startup studio Railway

  • Figgjo

    Working with Studio Oker out of Stavanger on the new digital presence of an old traditional porcelain crafter with customers world wide

  • Orbit

    Building technology while recruiting the startups internal team to our well oiled machinery proved successful with Orbit, the AirBnB for office space <3

  • Illustration of a woman sitting in a chair

    Varda Care

    Creating technology to better the lives of the elderly

  • A screenshot of the Tikkio dashboard


    Building an online ticketing service from the start, to now having more than 2 billion NOK going through it leaves us with a lot of meaningful experiences

  • Granne forsikring

    A long time client, Møretrygd, with a brand new name and a brand new identity. Welcome to the world, Granne!

  • Viewpoint Snøhetta, Hjerkinn, Dovrefjell


    A freeform website mimicking the everyday creative chaos on the desks (and in the minds) of the people that imagine and build the cities and structures around us

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